3E Electro Optical Systems

3E Sales and Marketing Manager Cenk Atasaral talked about products developed by 3E Electro Optical Systems to Defensehere.com.

Stating that they exported to about 20 countries, Atasaral said:

"Our company name is ‘3E Electro Optical Systems’ which was established in 2005 and the facility is located in Ankara, capital of Turkey. We have several models related to electro optical systems. For example, Thermal weapon sights, thermal handheld camera, Multi-sensor systems, thermal systems, day scopes, laser range finders, laser systems and also other electro optical systems in our product range.

We have new technologies related with multi-sensor systems. Its can also be used by hand and it provides big opportunities in the battlefield. Also, we have a new product which is MTN 90 model. We have a magnifier on it and also this is a day light scope which is used with machine guns and grenade launchers. This is the monocular laser range finder and binocular laser range finder.

Our main product group is based on electro optical systems, but it also includes a lot of products. Which, as I also said the thermal weapon sight, which is also a clip-on, and the sniper rifle scopes. We can produce these units since 2005 and our first product is the KESKIN sniper rifle scope."

3E Electro Optical Systems

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