7 years of orbiting Earth... Türksat 4A satellite was launched into space on 14 February 2021

The Türksat 4A communication satellite was successfully launched 7 years ago today, on February 14, 2014, onboard the Proton Breeze M rocket from the Baikonur Space Base in Kazakhstan and was placed in orbit at 42 degrees east.

Carrying Turkey's 5th communications satellite Türksat 4A into space, the Proton rocket completed the primary stage of its launch 2 minutes in after the launch, while it completed the secondary stage 5 minutes 27 seconds in after the launch and 9 minutes and 41 seconds in the rocket finally completed the third and final stage of the launch.

The lifespan of the satellite which its first signal was received 9 hours and 13 minutes after launch is expected to be more than 30 years.

Türksat 4A

The contract for supply of the satellites, TURKSAT-4A and TURKSAT-4B was signed with Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO) on March 2011. TURKSAT 4A communication satellite has a bandwidth of 1750 MHz and operates on 42° Eastern Longitude. The satellite with launching weight 4910 kg includes Turkey, North Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia in its coverage area on Ku Band BSS; Africa on Ku Band FSS; Turkey and Germany on Ka Band.

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