Achieving Defense exports to 24 countries worldwide.. Get to know Pakistan’s GIDS!

Pakistan-based Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS), is a government-owned company operating under the Pakistan Army, with exports to more than 24 countries around world.

"Established in 2007, GIDS operates in three categories; air systems, land system naval systems and naval systems," GIDS CEO Asad Kamal stated in an Interview with

Talking about one of the company’s best-selling products Kamal said "The range extension kit is like a glide bomb. So, you strap on the kit to a bomb and you launch it from an aircraft and the bomb will now glide to 100km."

"So, now it is like a fire and forget weapon, so you launch it and turn back, and the bomb will go with precise accuracy and take out the target," he added.

Kamal also stated the company also operates in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles with more than 30 years of experience, underlying that GIDS develop and produce a variety of drone types.

Giving examples of the drones that the company produce he said they produce Small quadcopters, which are used at the soldier level for the battlefield awareness, adding "And from that we are also using tactical UAVs like the CATAPULT launch variant, which gives you a more tactical prospective of the battlefield."

"And the flagship UAV, we call the Shahpar-2. It has a 100 km range and a satellite link, so that will give you excellent ISR coverage inside the borders of the enemy," Kamal stating underlying "So, we have the complete solutions available with regards to the drones."

Talking about the company’s primary targets he said " our target market has been the Middle East, Northern Africa, also Central Asia, Turkey is also a big market, Azerbaijan," adding "These are namely the countries, but these are the typical markets, which are very close Pakistan. We are supportive of their defense initiative overall".

"There are about 24 countries, which we have exported to repeatedly, across the globe, so if you see the diversity; we have gone as far as South-America, making sales to Peru, and on the other side we made sales to Indonesia," Kamal added, explaining that at GIDS they have a lot of variety in their customer base.

With Defense exports to 24 countries worldwide.. Get to know Pakistan’s GIDS!

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