Allison Transmission to power Turkish-Indo Harimau/Kaplan MT tanks

Allison Transmission, on of the largest global manufacturers of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions for commercial and military vehicles announced that it has collaborated with Caterpillar Defense, Turkish FNSS and Indonesian PT Pindad, to provide a new medium tank to the Indonesian Armed Forces, known as the Harimau in Indonesia or Kaplan MT in Turkey.

Nail Kurt, FNSS General Manager and CEO, reports planned production of between 200 and 400 of these tanks that are uniquely suited for the dense vegetation prevalent in Asia.

The Harimau is a new medium weight tank designed to increase the capability of the Armed Forces mechanized forces, providing Indonesia with the mobility and firepower capability needed in some of the most difficult terrain. The Harimau program is one of the Indonesia’s highest priority signature modernization initiatives and has passed extensive testing by both FNSS/PT Pindad and the Indonesian Armed Forces and now enters full production.

The Harimau tank relies on Allison’s proven cross-drive transmission technology, designed for medium-tracked combat vehicles, and provides propulsion, steering and braking. The automatic transmission, manufactured under license by Caterpillar Defense in Shrewsbury, UK, has powered combat vehicles worldwide for decades.

“We appreciate the opportunity to provide the propulsion systems for this critically important and impressive vehicle for the Indonesian Armed Forces,” said Dana Pittard, Vice President for Defense Programs at Allison Transmission. “As we continue to support Indonesia with our world-class fully automatic transmissions, Allison is also collaborating with customers around the world to meet their current and future transmission requirements for medium weight armored vehicles. Allison Transmission is incredibly proud to collaborate with Caterpillar Defense, FNSS and PT Pindad to deliver quality products at tremendous value.”

Allison works with OEMs around the world to design, develop, manufacture and support transmissions that deliver in the most extreme conditions. For fleets that are developing new wheeled or tracked vehicles, Allison can tailor a transmission specifically for that application. Allison engineers and manufactures reliable and fully customizable propulsion solutions, so customers experience reduced downtime and increased ability to accomplish critical objectives.

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