Approval for US $ 7 billion 480 million military sales

The U.S. State Department has approved military sales of up to $ 7 billion 480 million to France, Israel, Indonesia, Argentina and Lithuania. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to approve the sale of 3 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Airplanes and related equipment of $ 2 billion within the scope of Foreign Military Sales to France,” the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in a statement. expression was used.

In the statement, it was noted that besides ED-2 aircraft used as an Airborne Early Warning and Control platform, there are 10 aircraft engines, 3 radar components, electronic support and navigation systems for these aircraft and many spare parts.

MV-22 Osprey sale to Indonesia

In another statement of the agency, it was stated that the Ministry approved the sale of 8 MV-22 Osprey type, multi-purpose, “tilt-rotor” helicopters of $ 2 billion within the scope of Foreign Military Sales to Indonesia.

In addition to helicopters, there were 24 spare engines, 2 infrared forward vision radars, 20 missile warning systems and 20 radar warning receivers in this sales package.

Selling 990 million gallons of jet fuel to Israel

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also approved Israel for the sale of $ 3 billion worth 990 million gallons of jet fuel.

In the statement of Defense Security Cooperation Agency, it was stated that the fuel sales package contains JP-8 type diesel and gasoline used by the US army.

The ministry also reportedly approved the sale of 6 UH-60 type Black Hawk helicopters worth $ 380 million to Lithuania and 27 M1126 Stryker-type personnel carrier vehicles to Argentina for $ 100 million.

The statement noted that the agency sent notifications to the Congress on these sales, totaling $ 7 billion 480 million.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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