Aselsan meets with suppliers in October

ASELSAN announced its October Activity Plan as the company participated in the Military Logistics and Support Summit - DLSS 2022 - held in Ankara on October 4-5.

ASELSAN plans to meet with its suppliers by participating in summits, symposiums, fairs, exhibitions and many other events on nationalization and localization in the defense industry.

Aiming to have a packed month, ASELSAN will attend the Defense and Aviation Industrial Cooperation Days (ICDDA) in Ankara on October 12-14.

The company will take part in the Kayseri Defense Industry Symposium and Exhibition, which takes place simultaneously with ICDDA, on October 13-15, 2022.

Following the two fairs ASELSAN will attend the ITO-ISO Defense Industry Meetings to be held in Istanbul on October 18th.

ASELSAN will take its place at Eskişehir Industry Fair on October 18-21 and complete a busy calendar month.

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