Aselsan to equip Indonesian submarines with Torpedo Countermeasure Systems

According to a tweet made by Aselsan, the company will be equipping Indonesian submarines with its ZARGANA Submarine Torpedo Countermeasure System. The company added that within the context of the export sales contract, the deliveries will be made in 2021.

ZARGANA Submarine Torpedo Countermeasure System ensures submarine survivability against torpedo attacks by quick reaction capabilities, provided with operator controlled autonomous operation and outboard launchers.
ZARGANA System comprise; Quick reaction capability, adaptable launching cell configuration as per user requirements up to 24 launching cells, single and salvo launching capabilities, high level of redundancy, bubble free launching.
ZARGANA System uses ZOKA Acoustic jammers and decoys. Acoustic jammer is a broadband high power acoustic noise generator that covers all operating frequency bands of both classical and modern acoustic homing torpedoes operating in passive, active or combined homing modes. Acoustic decoys are aimed to deceive incoming torpedo by emulating dynamic and acoustic behaviors of the submarine.

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