ASELSANNET, ASELSAN's subsidiary for electronic and communication systems

Established to meet the electronic and communication device requirements of civilian institutions, organizations and end-users, ASELSANNET released a new promotional video.

The video gave the following information about ASELSANNET:

"Rapidly developing technology is with us at every moment of our lives. At home, at work, at school, on the road, everywhere ... So which one should we choose?

Should we pursue technology or it?

It's easy to choose, but what about implementing that choice?

We set out as an affiliate of ASELSAN, with the mission of "pioneering technology", not "following technology", thanks to entirely domestic investments.

We are proud to be the brand trusted the most by of civilian institutions, organizations and end-users since our establishment in 2004.

We offer the most precise solutions to our customers in many fields such as security, inspection, integration, infrastructure design, construction, informatics, maintenance, repair and logistic support with electronics and communications on top.

Our basic principles are quality, innovative, result-oriented, environment and human-friendly transparent sense of work, and most importantly reliability.

We always aimed to provide services at the highest standards with our experienced technical and administrative staff.

Currently provide our services in many important fields in 33 provinces of Turkey, thanks to 33 vendors, 22 of which are authorized for technical service at the same time.

In Turkey, we provide multiple turnkey technology and infrastructure solutions for call centers, especially for the 112 Emergency Call Center.

We are also carrying out the construction of data centers where we keep data of large companies and institutions for which we carry out turnkey infrastructure design and maintenance projects.

Using RFID technologies, we establish and manage the infrastructure in which the samples taken from concrete used in construction can be followed and in which the samples’ data flows are provided in a network system.

We also offer border and perimeter security systems to the service of the Turkish Armed Forces.

In addition to centers that carry importance to our country, we provide the construction and maintenance of environmental security systems for commercial enterprises.''

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