Bayraktar TB2 most googled in 'Armenia'

Armenians have been the most interested in Turkey's armed unmanned aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB2, which has made a name for itself recently after the Karabakh war. Bayraktar TB2 has been searched on Google the most from Armenia over the last 1 year.

Lately, the whole world has been closely following Turkey’s unmanned areal vehicles. There has been growing interest in Bayraktar TB2 after its significant contribution to the victory of Azerbaijan in Karabakh.

Armenians are the most interested

Googled thousands of times around the world, Bayraktar TB2 witnessed the most interest from Armenians.

According to Google data, the most searches for Bayraktar TB2 over the last 1 year were made from Armenia.

Greece’s interest also grew

Greece came 4th after Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, as the country that have searched the most for Bayraktar TB2 on google.  

TB2 peaked Between October 4-10

On September 27, 2020, when the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia began, there was a big increase in searches for Bayraktar TB2.

The search for Bayraktar TB2 on the internet reached its peak between October 4-10, when the conflict became more serious.

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