BEST GRUP's armored SUV with concealable KORALP Remotely Controlled Weapon Station

BEST GRUP, a leading security and defense industry manufacturer in Turkey, showcases its armored SUV with a unique concealable KORALP Remotely Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS).

The vehicle is equipped with the 7.62 mm KORALP RCWS developed by BEST GRUP, which has an artificial intelligence-assisted target recognition and tracking feature. KORALP is concealed behind the passenger seating and can be is put into action by being lifted on top of the vehicle when needed.

The system is ready to shoot from its concealed position in 10 seconds and there is a target tracking and shooting screen inside the vehicle for the turret operator. The vehicle has sold more than 2000 units and is currently still in production by the company.

KORALP Remotely Controlled Weapon Station can distinguish humans, vehicles and drones and show an outline to the operator. You can find our more about the turret here: Koralp


BEST GRUP is one of the leading manufacturer in Turkey and operates in security and defense industry with a product portfolio including:

• Critical building protection systems
• Border surveillance systems
• Vehicle armoring systems
• Indiviual ballistic protection systems
• Unmanned systems
• Tactical armored vehicles
• Engineering vehicles
• Remotely controlled weapon stations

The company provides turnkey solutions for the Turkish Armed Forces as well as for foreign customers.

Best Grup ensures customers with high quality, low cost multifunctional products while providing sustainable operating costs all through its products lifecycle.

BEST Grup's armored SUV with concealable KORALP remote controlled weapon station

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