BrahMos's recent supersonic missile can be placed in SU 30 and Indian Indigenous aircraft

In an exclusive interview with, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Joshi, Deputy CEO of BrahMos Aerospace, an Indo-Russian joint venture, mentioned BrahMos's recent supersonic missile.

Produced by BrahMos, the most recent supersonic cruise missile's range is 300 kilometers he said. "It guards it's all exclusive economic zones of all which are costal lines or we are having all multiple platforms, multiple missions and multiple targets." Dr Joshi highlihted.

"BrahMos can be placed in SU 30 and Indian Indigenous aircraft"

Dr Joshi explained that "We are using this BrahMos missile with land to land version, land to sea version and anti-ship missiles. We are using the air version which can be placed in SU 30. Also, Brahmos NG can be placed on Indian Indigenous aircraft like combat aircraft versions. Current Brahmos can be also flown from submarines, small missile boats to bigger ships like 600 ton displacement, 2000 ton, 3000 ton or 4000 ton displacement class ships. It is vertically launched version further increases the operability. You can use 24 missiles in one bigger ship. It is really very lethal. And one missile can complete ship within 5 to 6 minutes."

"We are creating a product we want to give to a lot of friendly countries"

Dr Jochi said that "We are making a smaller version BrahMos next generation also. At the same time, we are making this missile more stabilized. We are continuously creating a capability enhancement. So that nobody can jam it. We are creating a product which is world's best.

Dr. Joshi highlighted that BrahMos desires to sell its products to MENA region. Accordingly "We are creating a product we want to give to a lot of friendly countries. Like Egypt. It is our good friend. Why not other countries in Saudi Arabia and the UAE? We would like to go whomsoever likes it. We are coming to an EDEX Cairo and we are also going to Lima in Malaysia Langkawi."



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