CANİK develops a new M2 and other weapons

CANİK Business Development and Corporate Communications Manager Gençay Gençer talked to about the M2 QCB 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, METE SFx and SFx RIVAL pistols recently developed by Canik.

Mr. Gençer said that the M2 QCB 12.7 mm heavy machine gun is in mass production with an improved barrel life. He also talked about their new pistols and stated the following about the latest weapons developed by CANİK ARMS:

"Canik is a defense company and as a defense company Canik provides gun manufacturing, integration solutions and robotic solutions. Right now, I’m in front of our new product Canik M2 QCB.
This is a quick-change barrel variant of the regular M2’s and Canik developed the M2 model as the most developed M2 in the world. Currently our barrel life is extended 2 times. Performance parts such as firing pin and extraction device life is extended 2 times.
As you can see Canik not only provides a gun but also provides accessories for the M2. These accessories are flashlight, carbon fiber tripod, regular tripod and besides that we are providing different kind of integration solution with vehicles. Right now, we have the capability to integrate this weapon to land platforms, air platforms and naval platforms.
At the same time Canik provides training for all products. Especially, I want to emphasize that, M2 needs a special training because of the logistic issue. Many organizations around the world using this weapon but they don’t have enough and proper training and because of this when they start using this heavy machine gun their performance and machine guns performance goes down. We understand that training is one of the key work for the M2 project. We have a Canik Academy and Canik Academy provides tactical training and the armored training for the M2’s."

"Right now I am holding our new product METE SFx. METE SFx, previous name is TP9 SFx METE. In this new model Canik developed the whole frame. Currently new frame has an improved beaver tail and developed trigger guard and aggressive front serration.
Besides that Canik developed a new feature for the frame this frame is a totally modular frame and you can dissemble and reassemble all the firing components in maximum one minute. If you look at the slide you will see that this is a Co-Witness slide which means you can use micro-optic, front sight, and rear sight at the same time. This is a standard issue, for a long time, in all Canik products. But right now in the newer METE series we developed the slide and as you can see the optic gap is extended and currently you can use even Trijicon RMRcc in a Co-Witness feature.
Right now you are seeing the external magwell, This external magwell comes with you in the box, It is a standard issue. But if you look at it carefully you will see that actually the frame has an integrated magwell. I mean the frame has its own magwell. So let me show you like this, as a standard version you see that there is a integrated magwell and if the user want to use additional magwell, the user can add this perfect magwell for competition purpose or any tactical usage."

"Right now I’m holding our new product SFx RIVAL. SFx RIVAL is a competition pistol. During its development Canik R&D division worked for 2 years. If you look at the features of the new SFx RIVAL you will see that RIVAL has an improved beaver tail, which is more ergonomic for the competition shooting, and new trigger guard and aggressive front serration.
If you look at the trigger you will see that it is a 90 degree backup trigger. You see these holes, it is a lightened trigger and Its breakup in 90 degree. If you look at the serration of the trigger you will see that there are diamond cuts on the trigger.
When you look at the barrel, SFx RIVAL has a fluted barrel and at the same time its barrel life is +15000 [rounds].
SFX RIVAL is a competition pistol so for that reason you can use SFx RIVAL in any division in IPSC and IDPA."

CANİK showcases a new M2 and other weapons

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