CANiK exhibits products at the AUSA 2022 fair

CANiK, one of the world's leading small arms manufacturers, participated in AUSA 2022, the largest annual security and defense meeting and expo in North America organized by the Association of the United States Army (AUSA).

CANiK's newest products such as the CANiK M2 QCB, the duty pistol METE and the MECANIK brand of accessories were also showcased at the event held in Washington, D.C.

A new factory in the USA at the end of the year

SYS General Manager C. Utku Aral said, “We continue our growth journey without slowing down with our CANiK brand, which is the 6th largest small arms manufacturer in the world. In the USA, one of our biggest markets, our new factory investment will start production very soon. We are continuing the preparations for our new factory in Florida, which will start operating at the end of the year. AUSA 2022 was an important fair where we shared CANiK's activities and 2023 vision with the representatives of US government agencies. We aim to sell over $100 million to the United States by the end of the year.”

'We are willing to bid for US procurement contracts in 2023'

Utku Aral made the following assessment about the AUSA annual meeting, conference and fair:

"This fair has once again shown that CANiK can be a solution partner in all friendly and allied countries with its superior firearms, especially to American government authorities and to all platform manufacturers that have received government contracts. As CANiK, we managed to stay in the last 4 in the tender for the purchase of 800 thousand pistols opened by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency in 2018. which was the biggest success of a Turkish defense industry company in the USA. In addition, many public institutions in the USA held large pistol procurement tenders in 2018.

In 2023, approximately 5 years will have passed since these tenders. Therefore, we anticipate that these institutions will open tenders again as of 2023. The demands of American end users are that the guns to be purchased should be compatible with different accessories. We have shown our visitors that we will be one of the strongest candidates in these tenders with our CANiK pistol and 12.7mm anti-aircraft gun, which is compatible with all products of almost all universal accessory manufacturers in the world, from optical sights to tactical flashlights and silencers."

700 companies from 80 countries participated

AUSA 2022 is seen as an important event where industry companies also signed agreements with American purchasing authorities and end users. As part of the AUSA annual meeting and expo, various presentations, panels, and seminars on military and national security issues are held by the United States Army personnel.

Around 33 thousand visitors attended the fair this year as well as about 700 companies from more than 80 countries have opened stands.

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