CET Composite and Epoxy Technology

Operating from Istanbul Technopark's Incubation Center, CET Composite and Epoxy Technology Inc. is a Turkish company that pioneers in the the field of composite materials and epoxy production.

In an interview with defensehere.com, Ömer Güven, the founder of CET Composite and Epoxy Technology, spoke about the ongoing projects of the company:

"As CET Composite and Epoxy Technologies, we established in the Istanbul Technopark Cube Incubation Center. We exclusively produce high performance epoxy systems in Turkey. We are domestically producing high performance epoxy systems in our R&D laboratories.

We manage to establish our company in 2018 with only 2 people. After 2018 and 2019, we started to grow both in domestic market and also in the export market. We made 3 big export sales in three different countries.

We successfully finished more than 60 different R&D projects in our cube incubation center in 2019. In 2020, we are developing more than 300 different epoxy formulas readily available for our technical customers.

In 2021, we are happily serving our customers with more than 300 different epoxy formulations. In 2022 and 2023, we are aiming to increase our export market more than 15 different countries. Most of the platforms are based on aerospace and aviation industry, its UAVs, armed vehicles and also rocket launchers are readily available in our product range.

We are tend to increase our technical demand in our products which can operate in high temperature also, in a very low subzero temperatures which can withstand high pressurized environments and also in the space environment. We are trying to increase our product performance in all these states.

We are the first domestic producer in this market. Also, in close region in our neighbor countries, we are the only high performance epoxy system producer. That’s why we are tend to make increase our export market in the close regions because we are the only Turkish producer also in the middle east also we are the only one who produce high performance epoxy system."

CET Composite and Epoxy Technology

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