Czech Republic to replace Soviet era 'Kub-M2' air defense systems with Israel's Spyder

The Czech Ministry of Defense intends to purchase Israeli-made Spyder air defense systems. According to Armadni Noviny, negotiations are already underway.

According to the newspaper, the Czech military department has begun negotiations with the Israeli company Rafael on the supply of Spyder anti-aircraft missile systems, which in the future should replace the Soviet-made medium-range anti-aircraft systems 2K12M2 "Cub-M2" in service. At what stage are the negotiations Armadni Noviny does not know.

The fact that the Czech Republic intends to modernize its air defense forces was reported last year. In early autumn 2020, the Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic Lubomir Metnar announced plans to purchase four batteries of the Spyder air defense system. The choice on the Israeli anti-aircraft system fell on the results of a tender held by the Czech Ministry of Defense for several years.

Four batteries of Spyder air defense systems (four launchers in each) will replace four batteries of Soviet 25K2M12 “Kub-M2” air defense systems purchased in the 2s of the last century as part of the 60th Tobruk anti-aircraft missile regiment. Previously, it was assumed that the contract for the supply of complexes will be signed in early 2021 with the delivery of the first complexes in early 2023.

To date, the Spyder air defense systems are in service with Georgia, Singapore, India, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Source: topwar

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