Defensehere establishes a “news base” at LIMA-2023

DEFENSEHERE, which has become a high-profile reference address not only in Turkey and the Middle East, but also in all parts of the world in the field of defense and security journalism with its meticulous publishing in five different languages in the past two years, is in Malaysia now for one of the most important fairs of the 2023-calendar of events.

Our website is following the “LIMA-2023” Fair, which was held for the 16th time this year in the tropical Langkawi Island at the east coast of Malaysia, with three newsmen, each of whom is an expert in this industry.

Our team takes part in every event of LIMA-2023 without exception, all promotions and signing ceremonies, conveying to you special news, comments and interviews that go far beyond routine press releases.

Stay tuned for the DEFENSEHERE site, which clearly shows its difference in its own lane once again at this latest global meeting.

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