Didem Aral talks about CANiK guns attached to HAVELSAN UGVs

HAVELSAN unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) are exhibited together with Canik weapons at the International Defense Exhibition and Conference IDEX 2023, which started on February 20 and will end on February 24 in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Developed within the scope of the "digital unity" concept consisting of unmanned aerial and land vehicles, which HAVELSAN has been working on for a while, Kapgan, a medium class-2 unmanned land vehicle, is equipped with Canik's 30x113 millimeter cannon. The integration studies are of the cannon with the UGV is being carried out in cooperation with Canik and Unirobotics.

Barkan, a medium-class-1 unmanned land vehicle, is equipped with a 12.7 millimeter weapon system developed by Canik.

Samsun Yurt Defense Foreign Trade Manager Didem Aral talked about the weapon systems in the UGVs and the IDEX 2023 fair in an interview with Defensehere.com.

Didem Aral talks about Canik guns attached to HAVELSAN UGVs

"Welcome to second day of IDEX 2023. We are at the booth of International Golden Global within the Havelsan unmanned land platforms solutions together with Canik 30x113 mm cannons and M2 QCB .50 caliber machine gun.

Regarding to the information collected throughout the Havelsan staff, both the gun and the concept is just getting a very much interest of both delegations and civilian traders as well.

And also we have a dual cradle with two M2F, faster version of Canik M2 QCB concept within another Bin Hilal Enterprises at IDEX 2023. Which is clearly we are double checked already.

Our vision and projection for further steps, where the global integration solutions and weapon future is going, we are on the correct page. Not only the naval and airworthy platforms but also the land forces having a great interest of 30x113 mm cannons, which are a low recoil take to the buffer system of the weapon.

So its great to see that we are collecting great interest, also thanks to the land platform manufacturer all over Europe and the World and also US."

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