EDGE significantly expands cyber capabilities to include secure communications solutions

EDGE Group has expanded the scope of its existing electronic warfare and intelligence capabilities to now include secure communications under the Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies (EW&CT) cluster, which has seen the addition of leading secure communications company, DIGITAL14.

The cluster also includes other entities SIGN4L and BEACON RED.

EDGE’s expanded cyber capabilities will ensure the Group brings global experience, world-leading systems and solutions, and field-proven technologies to help its customers operate effectively, securely, and decisively, ensuring they can defend their assets and operations against threats, monitor and gain intelligence on adversaries, ensure robust communications in battlefield and security realms, and recruit and upskill the personnel required to achieve operational success.

Mansour AlMulla, Managing Director and CEO of EDGE, said: “We are delighted to strengthen EDGE’s Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies cluster with innovative and complementary solutions that will greatly expand our cyber capabilities and allow us break into new markets in the defence and civilian sectors as a global leader in this domain. We are redefining advanced technology synergies, creating valuable opportunities, and accelerating our business growth and offerings, while meeting the perpetual demand for superior cyber security solutions in the UAE and further afield.”

SIGN4L, a leading provider of electronic warfare and intelligence solutions in the UAE, enables customers with the required tactical advantage, exceptional situational awareness, and electromagnetic spectrum superiority across military and intelligence operations. BEACON RED provides security and intelligence training and advanced cyber solutions, tackling complex national security threats, disrupting conventional ways of thinking, and developing people, processes, and technologies to ensure preparedness for future security challenges. DIGITAL14 will provide secure communication solutions embedding quantum-resistant cryptography and other advanced technologies, centered on four core business units: Networks, Ultra Secure Mobile Devices, Applications, and Satellite Communications. As a new entity within EDGE, DIGITAL14’s operating model has been aligned to meet the Group’s overall strategic objectives.

As a UAE leader in the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies, EDGE continues the development of sovereign capabilities through efficient manufacturing processes for global export, and for the development of national capabilities, working with front-line operators, international partners, and adopting advanced technologies such as autonomous capabilities, secure communications, advanced propulsion systems, robotics and smart materials. EDGE has also initiated an ambitious talent upskilling and training programme across its operations, championed by the pioneering EDGE Learning & Innovation Factory (LIF) in Abu Dhabi, a first of its kind Industry 4.0 advanced technology learning and demonstration facility in the region, which combines theory, technology, and practice under one roof to drive improvements, and inspire an innovative approach to transform future processes and products.

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