Embraer and Finep agree to develop demonstration platforms for aeronautical technologies

Embraer and the Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos (Finep), which promotes Brazil's economic and social development through public funding for Science, Technology and Innovation, signed an agreement for the development of platforms to demonstrate new aeronautical technologies.

The formalization of the partnership focused  on sharing the costs and risks inherent in research and development at a low and medium Technology Readiness Level (TRL), took place during the ceremony celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Aerospace Industries Association of Brazil (AIAB) in São José dos Campos, interior of São Paulo. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Luciana Santos, the Deputy Governor of the State of São Paulo, Felício Ramuth, and other authorities.

The innovation project, which uses resources from non-reimbursable funding originating from the National Development, Scientific and Technological Funding (FNDCT), is valued at more than R$ 180 million (USD 36 million) and will receive a contribution of R$ 120 million (USD 24 million) from Finep over the next three years. Complementary resources will come in return from the proposing company, Embraer, as well as from five co-executors: Alltec, Equatorial, Eleb, Motora and TecCer. The contract provides for the development of ground test benches (RIGs), software, and a remotely operated modular aircraft to carry out tests in real flight conditions, aiming to raise the TRL of these new technologies.

“We are very happy to continue our long-standing partnership with Finep and to be able to contribute to the advancement of technologies and the spillover of knowledge to other sectors of the Brazilian economy, advancing the planet's decarbonization agenda and generating socioeconomic benefits for Brazil, through innovation, science and technology,” said Henrique Langenegger, Embraer Chief Engineer.

"The project with Embraer establishes a type of arrangement between the executors that offers great potential for innovation. It is a model to be followed in several areas to solve technological orders led by anchor companies, and one that involves partnerships with companies of various sizes and Institutes of Science and Technology”, said the director of Innovation at Finep, Elias Ramos de Souza.

To compose the project, Institutes of Science and Technology will be contracted, such as the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA), the Mauá Institute of Technology (IMT), the Institute of Technological Research (IPT) and the School of Engineering of São Carlos, which belongs to the University of São Paulo (USP), further strengthening the relationship between Government, Academia and Industry – the triple helix that drives the socioeconomic development of the country.

The granting of economic subsidy for innovation in companies is a government policy instrument widely used in developed countries and operated according to the norms of the World Trade Organization. The objective is to promote a significant increase in innovation activities and increase the competitiveness of companies and the country's economy.


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