Embraer, Rheinmetall in discussions for European C-390 training hub

Brazilian aviation conglomerate Embraer and Rheinmetall are in discussions to expand their training network, focusing on the C-390 aircraft, the companies said in a press release recently.

The goal is to assess the requirements of the growing number of European customers of the C-390, specifically in terms of training, and determine whether to establish a specialized training facility in the region to assist both current and prospective C-390 customers.

Presently, Embraer operates a C-390 Training Center in São Paulo, Brazil, equipped with a Full Flight and Mission Simulator (FFMS) as well as a Loadmaster Training Station. This facility serves the training needs of C-390 crews from the Brazilian, Portuguese, and Hungarian Air Forces for their initial training. Embraer and Rheinmetall are collaborating to explore methods to enhance accessibility for their existing and prospective C-390 customers, aiming to streamline training processes for pilots, loadmasters, mechanics, and other crew members.

Timo Haas, Chief Digital Officer of Rheinmetall AG said “with the ongoing success of the C-390 throughout Europe, it is the right moment to start the evaluation and planning for a European C-390 training hub, providing comprehensive training facilities for aircrew and cargo operation training.”

Ayslan Anholon, Vice President for Flight Operations and Training, Embraer Services and Support, meanwhile said, “We want to create the best conditions for our C-390 customers, by offering the best-in-class training. We continuously monitor the network and assess customized solutions per region as the fleet grows.”

"With the evolving defense and security challenges facing NATO allies and partner nations, European Air Forces must train their pilots to stringent standards, to effectively counter emerging threats. Our objective is to prepare C-390 pilots for diverse and complex scenarios. Creating conditions for rigorous and continuous training will enhance their tactical skills and decision-making capabilities, which are crucial for operating advanced aircraft and responding to dynamic threat environments,” said José Gustavo, Vice President for Sales of Embraer Defense & Security for Europe and Africa.

As part of their C-390 contract with Embraer, the Portuguese Air Force has acquired a Full Flight and Mission Simulator (FFMS), which will be stationed at Beja Air Base in Portugal. Additionally, the Royal Netherlands Air Force is preparing to establish its own FFMS within the country. The ongoing discussions between Embraer and Rheinmetall aim to strengthen this network and potentially expand it to include additional national C-390 FFMS installations worldwide in the future.


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