EU to provide other countries besides Ukraine with 'lethal support': Borrell

The European Union’s foreign policy chief said Tuesday that the bloc will send lethal weapons to other countries besides Ukraine which are "increasingly interested in lethal support."

Speaking at the Schuman Security and Defense Forum in Brussels, Josep Borrell said Europe's response to the war in Ukraine has changed the way "we -- in Europe -- regard our own security and defense agenda."

At the same time, he said it has also changed the way "you – our partners -- regard our agenda" and the opportunities that it may offer.

Pointing to the European Peace Facility (EPF), Borrell underlined there is no doubt that it has been a crucial instrument to respond to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

"But once again, it is not just about Ukraine. The EPF is a global instrument. It has enabled us to support African peace operations – from Somalia to Mozambique, from Lake Chad to the Sahel region – as well as individual partners from Georgia and Moldova to Niger, from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Lebanon and Jordan," he added.

He further said that the EU will continue doing that.

"We know that our partners are increasingly interested in lethal support. Yes, what we have done for Ukraine can and will be done for others."

He asserted that the first assistance measure to provide "lethal equipment for African partners" Niger and Somalia will be adopted soon.

"Yes, the war in Ukraine has tested the solidity of the relationship between the European Union and NATO. And the result is clear: our cooperation is stronger than ever," Borrell noted.

Source: AA

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