BARIYER: A System to Combat Data Loss

The domestic cyber security solution, HAVELSAN Bariyer, has completed its national and international security and compliance certification procedures.

HAVELSAN Bariyer, as the first product in Turkey to receive “EAL 4+ Certificate” last year -which stands for high security level in the field of data loss prevention software under International Common Criteria-, has also become the first product to receive TRTEST Certificate of Compliance in its field.

TRTEST TEST VE DEĞERLENDİRME A.Ş evaluated the application for the compliance of DLP Bariyer product by HAVELSAN as part of Turkey Cyber Security Cluster’s Project on Testing and Certification of Cyber Security Products. TRTEST has found the product to be compliant with the TRTEST- TSKGK-DLP-01 Criterion.

HAVELSAN Bariyer has now successfully passed the most challenging stage to be able to taken into the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces by receiving the certificate of compliance from TRTEST whose missions include ensuring that our army serves with the “most reliable products”. HAVELSAN Bariyer offers sensitive data and policy management features, including prevention of transfer of critical data outside and ensuring the security and follow- up of the data sent out.

HAVELSAN Bariyer allows many other features that take the user’s preferences into account such as following up or blocking the content of the e-mails sent and websites visited, as well as permission options for USB data storage devices, USB Plug and Play devices and smart phones to block or allow transferring of the institutional data into them.

Turkey’s first domestically produced product in its field

Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, HAVELSAN’s former General Manager talked about the certificate of compliance issued for HAVELSAN Bariyer by TRTEST, which operates in many testing areas such as cyber security and software, KBRN, environmental and ballistic.

Stating that Bariyer is the first in Turkey as a data loss prevention product to complete the certification processes for security and compliance both internationally and nationally, Atalay said:

“With an integrated finger print technology, HAVELSAN Bariyer is Turkey’s first domestic DLP-data loss prevention product that has been developed to protect institutional data, ensure their usage according to predefined limitation rules and prevent breach and unauthorized transfer of such data outside the institutions. We have released the most ideal product to provide Turkish Armed Forces and other critical institutions with data security. Our product development efforts will continue over the period.

“It is like protecting the borders of Turkey”

Drawing attention to the fact that data security is becoming increasingly directly related to the national security of countries in recent years, Atalay stated:

“Our cyber security is just like protecting our countries’ borders with our soldiers or through the use of our domestic weapons. Our most important weapons in cyber world are our domestic cyber security products. If we have no domestic products, there is no cyber security to mention. In this regard, we, as HAVELSAN, regard development of domestic cyber security products as a national duty, a mission. HAVELSAN Bariyer has become Turkey’s most important cyber security product that meets all the national and international criteria.


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