Exclusive interview with CEO: DEFTECH - Azeri defense start-up going global

In an interview with Defensehere.com, CEO of Deftech Thrusting Future, Elmar Gadimov presented the company’s products and capabilities.

He said that the company is partnering with the Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense.

On the current projects of the company he said that the company has enhanced all the capabilities in collaboration with Calidus company and is doing deep integrations of their drone and network system into the armored vehicles as well as armored ships.

Gadimov said the following on the Tetris system:
“it’s equipped with cable that provide the power as well as the telemetry and the data system from the drone. The drone is used as a mobile relays and surveillance systems. It’s one of the part of the Mesh network delivery. Basically we use it as a very very high antenna. The one of the main capabilities of this drone is to have extremely high endurance, up to 24 hours and very high mobility. So you basically can setup mesh network very fast anywhere in the battlefield and embed all of the assets that you see here as a part of this mesh network. So the concept is to deliver kit and solution to the customers including surveillance, attack and defense equipment and the Tetris system is one of these assets, providing surveillance, targeting and relay capabilities.”

He further stated that they are just opening to the market and will start their sales by the end of this year.

Exclusive interview with CEO: DEFTECH - Azeri defense start-up going global

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