Exploring Pi Makina's Vehicle Range

Hacı Sarı, the General Manager of Pi Makina, provided insights into the products produced by the company, namely the Pİ T800, P-KAP 4, and Pi KAM 26-400, in an interview with Defensehere.com.

The defense industry companies have concluded their participation in IDEF2023. Throughout the event, companies had the opportunity to showcase their products to potential end users. Pi Makina specifically highlighted their Pİ T800, P-KAP 4, and Pi KAM 26-400 products.

Pİ T800

In an interview with Defensehere.com, Hacı Sarı, the General Manager of Pi Makina, mentioned: "When discussing our T800 vehicle, it weighs approximately 1.5 tons and is equipped with a 50 horsepower engine. This tracked vehicle is highly versatile, capable of smoothly navigating through water, land, and mud. It can easily maneuver across diverse terrain conditions on land. We also manufactured the transmission. With the exception of the engine, we independently produced all the components. We're also exploring opportunities in the global market. We engaged in numerous conversations with attendees at the fair. Our objective is to further develop these initiatives."


We presented this vehicle at the fair and received considerable interest. Our vehicle is now complete. At our factory, we fabricated the front and rear axles, intermediate transmission, chassis, and cabin using our capabilities. Currently, we intend to explore various applications for this vehicle. Our efforts to integrate it into inventory are ongoing. As previously mentioned, the vehicle's design is our original creation. We also managed the industrial design internally. All components are manufactured within our facility. The independent axles are a crucial feature. As stated, we introduced it for the first time at the fair. We held discussions here and will work on further developing those dialogues after the event. While export hasn't commenced, we plan to address export opportunities in the near future.

Pi KAM 26-400

This is a 6x6 vehicle. We produced the cabin, chassis, front and rear axles, and intermediate transmission for this vehicle at our factory. While it's yet to enter the inventory, our work on this new vehicle continues. In the upcoming period, we'll focus on export-related activities. Our industrial designers conceptualized the general design. Subsequently, all aspects of manufacturing and production were carried out in-house. In fact, in 2005, we invested in gear factories specifically for the powertrain components of these vehicles.

Exploring Pi Makina's Vehicle Range

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