Fly Bvlos Technology pilot trainees from Djibouti

Fly Bvlos Technology's UAV pilot trainees from Djibouti spoke to about their training.

Flyby Technology CEO and Chief Examiner Jon Parker FRAeS had spoken to on the first day of Fly Bvlos Technology's UAV pilot training course on April 12th. The students from Djibouti have been training under Jon Parker FRAeS, a former fighter pilot in the Royal Navy and a flying instructor, for close to two months to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) unmanned aerial vehicles.

One of the students shared his thoughts with and said the following:

"My name is Wais and this is my friend Huseyin. We are from Djibouti and we are the first people to come to Turkey to study in this school, BVLOS, in Turkiye. Also we have our teacher Mr. Jon Parker, who help us to learn more about BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight). It is incredible days, we have been only here for three weeks, we will stay more – Two months almost.

And it is an incredible journey we have here, learning a lot of things about drones. We didn’t know anything before but now we are learning every day, every single minute we are learning something new.

This is something new that we will bring to Africa. Because we are still having these technologies new in Africa. We are helping to provide this knowledge to our continent - not only to our country but to our continent as well.
And we are the first and we will be the first who take this knowledge overseas."

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