Fly Bvlos Technology sends drones and pilots to the earthquake zone

Fly Bvlos Technology, a UAV technology company developing advanced drone systems, sent drones and pilots to help with the relief effort in the earthquake zone.

IHA Academy, MAXWELL INNOVATIONS, FLYBY TECHNOLOGY and BLITZ SYSTEMS also sent along team members and equipment support with the aid vehicle, which set off from Fly Bvlos Technology's Ankara campus in coordination with the Red Crescent and AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency).

The disaster aid sent with the team includes:

1 x SANCAK (Class-1 UAV – Max Payload 8.5 kg)

1 x JACKAL-M (Class-2 UAV – Max Payload 25 kg)

5 x Class-2 UAV AIRCRAFT (Max Payload 15 kg)

6 x Class-1 UAV AIRCRAFT (with thermal camera)

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