MARLIN Unmanned Surface Vessel successfully fires RF guided missile

Developed in partnership between ASELSAN and Sefine Shipyard, the MARLIN Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) successfully fired the KUZGUN missile. This is the first time an unmanned surface vessel fires a guided missile.

With this test the MARLIN USV, developed under the contract signed between the Turkish Defense Industry Agency, ASELSAN, and SEFİNE Shipyard for the needs of the Turkish Naval Forces Command, has added another advanced capability to its repertoire.

The MARLIN USV is planned to be used in tasks such as autonomous reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, surface warfare, underwater warfare and protection of high-value targets.

Next Generation Autonomous Surface Marine Platform

MARLIN stands out as a new generation autonomous surface sea platform with a 15-meter-long aluminum hull design, capable of reaching 36 knots, and capable of maneuvering and performing tasks in sea state 5. MARLIN also distinguishes itself from its peers with its unique capabilities.

The First USV with Electronic Warfare Capability

In addition to being equipped with electro-optics, communication, navigation sensors and autonomy-mission computers developed by ASELSAN, MARLIN USV also stands out as the first unmanned surface vessel with electronic warfare capability in the world, with the integration of ASELSAN's electronic warfare suite.

For the first time an RF guided missile has been successfully fired from an Unmanned Surface Vessel

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