France to build up to 14 new nuclear reactors

French President Emmanuel Macron said that they will build 6 new nuclear reactors and plan for an additional 8.

Macron, in a statement in the city of Belfort, said that they aim to reduce the country's dependence on foreign energy and develop its industry.

Expressing that France needs to produce 60 percent more electricity than today in order to reduce fossil energy in the coming decades, Macron noted that they want to develop nuclear and renewable energy at the same time.

Macron stated that they will build 6 EPR type nuclear reactors and will launch studies for the building of 8 additional reactors.

Expressing that the construction of the first nuclear power plant will start in 2028 and will be put into service in 2035, Macron said that the existing nuclear power plants that are in operation will not be closed due to the country's electricity needs.

Macron noted that they aim to increase their solar power generation capacity by almost 10-fold until 2050.

In a previous statement made in November 2021, Macron said that they decided to build a nuclear power plant after decades in order to guarantee France's independence in the energy field, and noted that they would invest 30 billion euros in fields such as industry, technology, nuclear and health by 2030.

France generates about 70 percent of its electricity from nuclear energy, with 56 reactors operating in 18 nuclear power plants.

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