Göker 35 millimeter Multi-Purpose Weapon System successfully completes testing

The testing process of the Göker 35 millimeter Multi-Purpose Weapon System, developed by Aselsan for border and base defense against current very low-altitude air defense needs and land threats, has been completed.

the following statements were made by ASELSAN:

"The GÖKER 35mm Multi-Purpose Weapon System, developed with ASELSAN's own resources, showed that GÖKER is ready for duty in border and base defense as a result of successfully completed tests.

The system, which managed to destroy very small and difficult targets in the mini/micro UAV class at ranges far beyond the expected, also proved to be effective against land targets at very long ranges.

The GÖKER System has been designed to respond to current very low-altitude air defense needs and land threats, to be deployed in fixed facilities and border areas. The system, with the use of 35mm Particulate Ammunition (ATOM, ATOM-AntiUAV) as a power multiplier, against air targets (Mini/Micro UAVs, model planes, helicopters, etc.) up to 4 km; Against land targets, it provides high efficiency at a range of 5km+ thanks to its armor-piercing ammunition (APDS), high-explosive incendiary ammunition (HEI) and ATOM ammunition. The system is ready for the mission with its high performance against both land and air targets, thanks to its wide elevation axis coverage (-35°/+95°) and the possibility of shooting at low angles of descent, especially in mountainous areas."

Göker 35 milimetre Çok Maksatlı Silah Sistemi'nin test süreci tamamlandı

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