HAVELSAN partners with ASISGUARD, maker of Turkey's first armed drone Songar

HAVELSAN acquired a 49 percent stake in ASISGUARD, maker of Songar armed drone system which is the first armed drone in Turkish Armed Forces inventory.

According to reports by an AA correspondent, an important acquisition was made in the Turkish defense industry.

HAVELSAN, one of the leading companies in the defense industry, which has completed many domestic and national projects in Turkey in the fields of command control and defense technologies, simulation, autonomous and platform management technologies, information and communication technologies, national security and cyber security, added a new subsidiary to a growing list of companies operating under itself in different fields of the defense industry.

As a result of the negotiations between the parties, a contract was signed for the transfer of 49 percent of ASİSGUARD's shares to HAVELSAN.

ASISGUARD develops nationally critical solutions with its engineering capabilities such as electro-optical vision and border security systems, military vehicle electronics systems, rotary wing armed/unarmed drone systems, and display system solutions.

ASISGUARD, which produced Songar, the first armed drone system to be added to the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces, also successfully exported Songar. ASISGUARD brought new capabilities to Songar with various integrated payloads as well.

The company also integrated peripheral vision systems into many armored vehicles used by security forces through its 360-degree situational awareness project.

HAVELSAN, which has been carrying out unmanned land vehicle and digital troops projects for a while, was benefiting from ASISGUARD's drone and electro-optical solutions.

After the share acquisition, the goal is to diversify and expand HAVELSAN's product and project range, and to market and sell HAVELSAN products and projects in foreign markets with a more flexible model.

With HAVELSAN's domestic and international brand strength, ASISGUARD's business potential is expected to increase in new markets.

HAVELSAN General Manager and Board Member Mehmet Akif Nacar, in his assessment on the subject, stated that both companies have combined their engineering capabilities with good synergy in some projects for a while, and that the success of their joint business model was effective in signing the share transfer agreement.

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