HAVELSAN to exhibit new unmanned ground vehicle KAPGAN for the first time at SAHA EXPO

HAVELSAN, having developed unmanned land, air and sea vehicles within the scope of the "digital unity" concept, will exhibit its new Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) KAPGAN for the first time at SAHA EXPO.

While Barkan, the company's first UGV, is in a lighter weight class, Kapgan is a heavy class UGV. During its development Kapgan has gained new abilities in line with the demands of the security forces and is expected to enter the Turkish Armed Forces inventory soon.

More powerful platform, more effective weapon

The heavy class unmanned ground vehicle, named after the Göktürk ruler "Kapgan Kagan", which means "Conqueror", has a 30x113 millimeter weapon system and an effective range of 2000 meters.

Weapon systems of different types and calibers can also be integrated into Kapgan against land and air targets.

With its wheeled structure providing high maneuverability, Kapgan will have superior operational capability in all weather and terrain conditions and in different visibility conditions. Apart from the weapons payloads to be used in the field, there will be interfaces to carry tactical loads on the platform when deemed necessary.

Thanks to the HAVELSAN Autonomy Package, Kapgan will provide a high level of resistance against electronic warfare with its ability to perform autonomous patrol, GPS-independent mission, dynamic route planning, return home in case of link loss, and drivable path analysis.

Collaborating with drones

Kapgan will provide day/night vision and operation by sensing the environment thanks to its 5 km tactical data link, GSM and satellite communication infrastructure, 4 meters upgradeable perimeter surveillance mast and high-tech sensor systems.

Thanks to the wired or wireless drone integrated into the vehicle, it can be used as a relay in cases where the range is insufficient, uninterrupted communication will be ensured via the drone integrated modem, and the areas out of sight can be easily monitored over the drone. In this way, the vehicle's reconnaissance, surveillance and operational capabilities will be increased.

Developed in accordance with mixed/swarm digital unity mission execution, Kapgan provides an effective solution against asymmetric threats, automatic target tracking, support needed in residential area operations, reconnaissance, surveillance, patrol and tactical transfers thanks to its high mobility, basic missions and most importantly, digital combat areas.

6 hours operation capability

Ergonomic and modular ground command and control stations with robotic arm integration will also enable Kapgan to increase the strike capability of law enforcement officers.

Thanks to its native and original software and modular architecture, Kapgan will also have the operational configuration opportunity to perform various tasks in different sizes and types for different needs.

The heavy class unmanned ground vehicle has a weight of 1400 kilograms and a payload capacity of 600 kilograms. Kapgan reaches a speed of 25 kilometers per hour and can operate for 6 hours. Kapgan can be controlled by methods such as line-of-sight communication over 5 kilometers and GSM communication.

The electric motor vehicle can clear 0.5 meter tall obstacles and cross 1.2 meter long trenches.

HAVELSAN to exhibit new unmanned ground vehicle Kapgan for the first time at SAHA EXPO

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