HAVELSAN's homegrown full flight simulator successfully completes 40,000 hours

The CN-235 Full Flight Simulator, domestically produced by HAVELSAN and used by the Turkish Air Force, has successfully completed 40,000 hours.

The first full flight simulator owned by the Turkish Air Force entered the inventory on November 24, 2006. This type of simulator is only available in two countries in the world; Turkey and South Korea.

Used by the 11th Main Air Transport Main Base Command's Standardized Simulator Academic Training Squadron Command, the simulator, which has exceeded 40 thousand hours of flight time in training, offers the user the exact features of the "CN-235" type cargo aircraft known as CASA.

The simulator, which gives the feeling of flying in the skies of the country thanks to the real 3D map loaded into it, also reflects the maneuvers that the aircraft can actually perform thanks to the special system installed.

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