HAVELSAN's new technology campus

In 2015 HAVELSAN's need for a new building in line with the changing conditions over the years was taken into consideration and at the end of that year the first steps were taken to address this by starting a project to build a new campus for the company.

In the companies latest magazine issue they talk about the development and considerations that went into the campus design.

At the start of the project natural air and natural light have been the most important criterion in all design works. For this reason, concrete inputs such as the movement of the sun and the prevailing wind direction have always been the main consideration.

The first basic decision was to keep the aforementioned campus within the city and to place the service units of the building on the western periphery facing Mustafa Kemal Neighborhood, due to the security protocol requirements.

One of the main goals of the design was to have all work units face towards inside in the new structure and to create an oasis (a green space) visible from every office.


During the project a general decision was taken to prioritize energy efficiency besides architectural visual decisions, and even to apply to programs such as LEED or BREEAM for certification.

Natural and low maintenance materials is an important criterion material selection during the project.

All material decisions and mechanical and electrical system selections are handled with sustainability in mind. For the ventilation-heating-cooling system used in the building, the chilled-beam system, which does not require electricity, was preferred. Precast sunshade systems on the facades are preferred to reduce the negative effect of the sun (due to the increase in cooling load).

What's new in HAVELSAN Technology Campus:

New generation ventilation systems, › Mechanical automation systems in heating, › Charging units for electric vehicles, › Solar power plant, › Dynamic uninterrupted power supplies, › Indoor motion sensors, › Daylight detectors, › Spacious working environments with high ceilings, › Common use Information screens in open meeting rooms, › Sound insulation, › Specially designed desks, › Hairdresser and car wash services.

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