HENSOLDT opens Airborne Service Center for own sensor platforms

HENSOLDT announced that with the recently acquired certification under European aviation law in accordance with EASA PART-145, the new "Airborne Service Center" (ASC) in Oberkochen is authorised to repair highly complex gimbal-mounted electro-optical monitoring systems of the type ARGOS II HD directly in Germany.

By setting up the ASC at the HENSOLDT Optronics site in Oberkochen, customers now have the advantage of massive time savings as well as direct contacts in their own country.

"With the establishment of the Airborne Service Centre, the downtimes of the ARGOS-II-HD-carrying units of German customers, such as the helicopters of the German Federal Police and the Thuringian State Police, will be significantly reduced," explains Marco Liebscher, Head of ILS/ISS Customer Services Optronics. "By providing spare parts and carrying out all relevant maintenance work, including the necessary documentation and approvals in accordance with EASA Form 1, HENSOLDT is able to work without depending on other maintenance companies."

With the opening of the ASC at the Oberkochen site, HENSOLDT can repair its gimbals to depot maintenance level in the company's own service centre. A great advantage for European customers. D-level maintenance usually takes place in highly specialised repair depots and in facilities of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). At the same time, the company is creating another important pillar of the service business in Oberkochen with the ASC as a basis for future service agreements and negotiations already underway.

In a next step, which requires additional certifications, other in-house self-protection sensors are to be serviced in Oberkochen in addition to the ARGOS II HD.

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