High chances of seeing Korean powerpack in Turkish Altay MBT

South Korean defense manufacturer SNT Dynamics signed earlier this year an agreement with Turkish armored vehicles manufacture BMC, stipulating that the S.Korean counterpart will provide the latter with 1,500-horsepower automatic transmission to power Türkiye’s future Main Battle Tank (MBT) “Altay”.

Talking about the company’s powerful 1500 horsepower transmission dubbed POWERPACK, with defensehere, Roy Hur the Marketing Director of SNT Dynamics said “This is Powerpack. It is 1500 horsepower Korean Powerpack for main battle tank. Powerpack means some combination of the transmission and engine”.

Hur also further explained that powerpack has six forward gears and three backward gears, adding “This transmission also has a braking function and also has a drive train to drive the tanks itself”.

He also touched on the deal signed with Türkiye saying “This powerpack Korean powerpack has completed all types of harsh tests in Türkiye and the Turkish government decided to use this powerpack for their Serial Production Altay Tank program.”

Hur also mentioned that SNT Dynamics is also working with S.Korea’s government to integrate powerpack in the next phase of the K2 main battle tank program.

High chances of seeing Korean powerpack in Turkish Altay MBT

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