High Eye to supply Dutch Navy with Airboxer VTOL UAV

Dutch unmanned aviation company High Eye’s vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Airboxer, was selected by Dutch Navy, the company said in a press release Tuesday.

The statement said it marks “a significant milestone in our journey of innovation and growth.”

“After an extensive study of maritime VTOL UAV systems, the Dutch Navy recognized the Airboxer's suitability for the challenging maritime domain,” it noted.

High Eye CEO Joost de Ruiter said the selection of the Airboxer “is a milestone for High Eye.”

“We are committed to becoming a long-term partner of the Dutch Navy. Integrating different payloads and embedding them in naval operations will be a valuable learning experience that will elevate our cooperation to the next level,” he was quoted as saying by the official statement.

“It is great news for us that after winning an international tender from the Ministry of Defense, High Eye has now signed a contract with the Royal Navy. We see this as a reward for the hard work of our team and, above all, as an encouragement to continue.” De Ruiter highlighted.

“With these prestigious NATO customers, High Eye is ready to expand its international footprint,” the company added.

The Airboxer stands out as a long-range unmanned helicopter featuring a unique three-blade single rotor design. Its distinctiveness stems from its size, weight, and exceptional capabilities, carving out a niche in the UAV market and introducing industrial-grade reliability in a compact form factor. High Eye asserts that its product ensures safety in almost any situation and climate, year-round. Developed over a span of more than six years, the Airboxer has undergone rigorous testing in diverse and challenging environments across continents. Its track record demonstrates consistent reliability and performance wherever and whenever it's deployed.

The Airboxer offers seamless integration of multiple payloads, sensors, and additional hardware, allowing for the expansion of its capabilities and customization to meet specific mission requirements. While certain equipment comes as standard options, others can be added upon request.

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