HİSAR O+ air defense system gains a new capability

Turkey's domestically developed air defense system HİSAR O+ has successfully tested an RF seeker missile.

Turkish Presidency of Defense Industry head Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir announced the latest development on his social media accounts with the following statements:

“HİSAR started 2022 fast! In the first RF (Radio Frequency) Seeker Headed Missile Test of the HİSAR O+ System, the target was destroyed and a new capability was added to our air defense. While we continue mass production, our work on new talents will continue at full speed.”

The HİSAR O+ Air Defense Missile System was delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces towards the end of 2021. The system, which was capable of launching an Infrared Seeker Missile before, now the ability to launch an RF (Radio Frequency) Seeker Missile with the latest successful test.

HİSAR O+ Air Defense System

As a Presidency Defense Industry Project, it was developed locally and nationally in cooperation with Aselsan and Roketsan. The warhead was developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE. The system can engage and fire at 9 targets at the same time. The HISAR O+ system can intercept targets at a range up to 25 kilometers

Capable of operating in all weather conditions, HİSAR is effective against airplanes, helicopters, air-to-ground missiles, cruise missiles and armed/unarmed UAVs.

The HİSAR O+ System infrastructure consists of a Fire Control Center, Missile Launch System, Medium Altitude Air Defense Radar, Electro Optical System, Infrared Seeker Missiles and RF Seeker Missiles.

Turkey's long-range air defense system SİPER is currently being developed, aimed to be operationally ready in 2023.

HİSAR O+ air defense system gains a new capability

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