Hürkuş made its first flight on August 29, 2013

New Generation Basic Training Aircraft Hürkuş made its first flight on August 29, 2013 at TAI's Ankara / Kazan campus.

In the statement published by TAI on the day of the first flight and stated that the name HÜRKUŞ came together again after 78 years, the following statements were made:

"HÜRKUŞ, which started the engine at 07.30 in the morning, took off after obtaining the necessary permissions from the flight tower at 07.35. HÜRKUŞ, who remained in the air for a total of 33 minutes, climbed to an altitude of 9500 feet and completed the first checks of the control surfaces then made a landing. "

TAI Test Pilot Murat Özpala, who performed the flight, stated that the aircraft reacted very well to the controls as engineers calculated, and the 1600 horsepower engine provided a high take-off performance.

Hürkuş ilk uçuşunu 29 Ağustos 2013'te gerçekleştirdi


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