Images of EHSİM's decoy countermeasure shared for the first time

The launch images of the "Fake Target" produced by EHSiM Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering were displayed clearly for the first time.

The decoy draws enemy missiles on itself by emitting signals as if it were a real aircraft in order to protect the aircraft it is launched from.

EHSİM General Manager Prof. Dr. Abdullah Çavuşoğlu shared information about the decoy target and the launch moment of the countermeasure with

“The product we call False Target is a mini missile as you can see here. It is launched from its cannister, like with other countermeasure systems, so it is separated from the aircraft. The stabilizing fins are normally closed, they open as soon as they leave the aircraft. Decoy Target begins to fall freely in air.

It has electronics inside, it has an antenna, and there is a special thermal battery on the back. The thermal battery supports the decoy target for 10 seconds. It makes the new target work electronically.”

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