Indonesia succeeds in testing its 'water tank'!

According to defenseworld news website, Indonesian shipbuilder, PT Pindad, has completed sea firing trails of its unique ‘Tank Boat,’ an armored fast attack vessel armed with a 30mm cannon and smaller weapons.

The ‘Tank Boat’ was conceptualized by the Indonesian Navy to carry out swamp, sea, river and coastal operations. The project was implemented by a consortium led by PT Pindad. The other companies involved are PT Lundin Industry Invest, PT Len Industri (Persero), and PT Hariff.

The Tank Boat also carried out a firing test using the main 30 mm cannon at the Paiton Navy shooting range. After the shooting, the Tank Boat continued the Sea Trial activity by returning to the Banyuwangi pier on Saturday, 22 May 2021. The total distance traveled was 170 Nautical miles, the manufacturer said in a statement.

The Tank Boat can carry 60 personnel and 5 crew, has a maximum speed of 40 knots and a cruising range of up to 600 Nautical miles. Equipped with the main weapon RCWS cannon caliber 30 mm and 2 machine guns 12.7 mm, Tank Boat is ready to protect the sovereignty and defend the territorial waters of the Republic of Indonesia.

According to the local media, it is equipped with a caliber 30 mm Cockerill 3030 cannon main gun and two 12.7 mm machine guns. The firing pattern on the canon dome is available in three options - single shot - 5 round burst - full auto. In the dome can be prepared 255 rounds of 30 mm ammunition in a two-drum feed system.

The secondary weapon of the C3030 is a 7.62 mm caliber coaxial machine gun. In order to increase the crew's situational awareness, there is a camera that can monitor 360 degrees. As a form of protection, the C3030 dome is equipped with ballistic protection up to level 5 STANAG 4569.

Other features on the dome of the C3030 are eight smoke grenade launchers and anti-sniper detection. The dome with a barrel elevation of -10 to 60 degrees is equipped with dual axis stabilized for targeting at night and daytime.

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