Indonesian Pilot Speaks Highly of HAVELSAN Trainings

In line with the protocol signed between Turkey and Indonesia, Indonesian Flight Commander Yoga Wiwit Retnanto, who has been trained at the 11th Air Transportation Main Base Command in the CN-235 light transport aircraft simulator developed by HAVELSAN, observed HAVELSAN’s simulation technologies onsite and spoke highly of our technologies.

The Lieutenant said “We can conclude that this CN-235 simulator simulator program is good for us. This is very useful for us when we receive the training in simulator first and then we apply it on the aircraft. But this is of course only for simulation, not for the real-life emergency.

But in Turkey in the simulator we can apply the real one. So, it is very important to feel how the pressure is, to feel how to handle the aircraft in the real life rather than to make on the aircraft by a simulation. I think that is different.”

Stating that it is his first time at HAVELSAN, Commander Retnanto said “I think that HAVELSAN is very good in its field of operation and have some advanced technology. Our industries are alike, I think maybe we have the same level of industry in Indonesia also. We can recommend HAVELSAN’s CN-235, transport and helicopter pilot trainings.”

Hasan Güner, Training Services Team Leader for Training and Simulation Technologies, accompanied the training of Indonesian pilots on behalf of HAVELSAN and indicated that they provide pilot training at various levels to friendly and ally countries using HAVELSAN’s simulators. “Indonesia is the leading country among those that receive training from us, and we also provide training at different platforms to various countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador.”

Indicating that they are trying to expand their training services at different platforms, Güner said: “We have made agreements for providing AS 532 Cougar helicopter training, which we give for the first time this year, with 52 pilots from Indonesia and 12 pilots from Brazil. We expect these numbers to increase in the coming years.

Trainings offered by HAVELSAN are provided by air force pilots; this type of training is offered in a very limited manner by other countries in the world. As the trainings are given by experienced pilots at the Turkish Armed Forces, the pilots, who come here for this training, do not have any doubt about the quality of the training. It is stated that having air force pilots as trainers is an advantage in terms of quality.”

You can aslo read the full story in Indonesian: Komandan Penerbangan Indonesia Puji Pelatihan HAVELSAN

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