International defense industry agenda 1-7 May 2023

  • Poland placed a missile order with France-based defense firm MBDA to strengthen its air defense system.
  • Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis stated that the F-35 fighter aircraft ordered from the US would be delivered in 2028.
  • The US approved a 31 million dollar missile sale to England and the sale of an anti-ship missile system to Lithuania.
  • Denmark announced that it would increase military spending to modernize its military facilities and increase its number of soldiers.
  • Kosovo received 5 Bayraktar TB2 UCAVs produced by Baykar Technologies, about 7 months after signature of the sales contract.
  • The US signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin regarding the long-range rocket system HIMARS.
  • Estonia signed an agreement with Israel on the provision of loitering munition.
  • Taiwan announced that it would purchase 4 UAVs from US defense firm General Atomics.
  • Israel announced it is developing mini unmanned submarines to detect enemy submarines and gather acoustic intelligence.
  • A 7.2 billion dollar agreement was signed between the US Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Technologies to produce Javelin rocket systems.
  • British defense firm BAE Systems introduced its newly developed high-definition thermal camera core.
  • Australia placed an order from German defense firm Rheinmetall worth 125 million euros for maritime protection systems domain ship protection systems.
  • The US Department of Defense signed a 1.4 billion dollar contract with Lockheed Martin to increase the combat abilities of its F-35s.
  • Taiwan announced that it would convert the F-5 fighter jets in its air force inventory to UAVs.
  • Nigeria received the 5 UCAVs it had ordered from China.
International defense industry agenda 1-7 May 2023

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