International Defense Industry Agenda 10 - 16 July 2023

The US House of Representatives approved the $886 billion National Defense Authorization Act.

Germany and France agreed to speed up work on developing a joint combat tank.

India launched a space rover toward the Moon’s south pole.

South Korea and NATO reached an agreement on cooperation in the areas of antiterrorism and cyber defense.

UAE-based defense firm EDGE Group purchased Etimad Holding.

China successfully launched the world’s first methane and liquid oxygen-fueled rocket.

The French parliament approved a bill increasing the military spending budget to 413 billion euros.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated that China would have 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035.

An Israeli aviation and space industry company purchased India-based firm HELA.

Italy is set to procure Leopard main battle tanks from Germany.

The US Department of State approved the sale of over 1,500 Hellfire missiles to France and 250 Medium-Range Air-to-Air missiles to Sweden.

Brazilian pilots completed F-39 Gripen fighter aircraft training in Sweden.

Poland received delivery of the first of the FA-50 light attack aircraft purchased from South Korea.

India approved the procurement of the Rafale fighter aircraft and the Kalvari class submarine from France.

A joint French and German venture completed its 135th delivery of multipurpose light armored vehicle Serval.

Kosovo received the Bayraktar TB2s it ordered from Turkey.

International Defense Industry Agenda 10 - 16 July 2023

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