International Defense Industry Agenda 25- 31 July 2022

South Korea launches new 8,200-Ton Aegis Destroyer equipped with a missile interception platform.

The US House of Representatives approved a $280 billion bill aimed to boost the country's domestic chip production.

Iraq tested its newly developed howitzer.

Spain and Poland signed a memorandum to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of defense.

Russia's new nuclear submarine has begun testing.

The Indian Navy took delivery of its first domestic aircraft carrier.

The US State Department has approved the sale of 35 F-35 fighter jets and munitions worth $8.4 billion to Germany.

Uganda opened the country's first armored vehicle factory in partnership with a defense firm from the United Arab Emirates.

The Israeli Navy has purchased unmanned armed electric helicopters from an Israeli company.

The President of Kyrgyzstan announced that China will give military aid to Kyrgyzstan.

The US State Department approved the sale of 150 Advanced Intermediate-Range Air-to-Air Missiles to Japan for $293 million.

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