International defense industry agenda June 10 - 16 2024

•The U.S. Department of Defense signed a $677 million contract with Raytheon for a radar product group.

• German defense industry company Diehl Defence exhibited its new unmanned aerial system at the aviation and space fair in Berlin.

• Lockheed Martin conducted a technology demonstration of its artificial intelligence software developed for air-to-air tactical interception and dogfighting missions.

• Spanish companies Escribano, Indra and TRC signed an agreement to develop a new counter-drone system for the Spanish Armed Forces.

• Lockheed Martin signed a $1.93 billion contract with the U.S. for the HIMARS system.

• Germany-based ARX Robotics announced that it has received a €9 million budget from the NATO Innovation Fund to develop a series of robust unmanned ground vehicles.

• New Zealand and the Philippines signed an agreement to increase defense cooperation.

• The Philippines will procure five large patrol vessels from Japan until 2028.

• The U.S. approved the sale of advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles and other military equipment worth approximately $1.94 billion to Norway.

• Israel Aerospace Industries unveiled its newly developed air-launched ballistic missile.

• The Israeli Army announced the fielding of a new self-propelled howitzer.

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