Italian company showcases nuclear material detection and identification solutions

CAEN SyS, the new Systems & Spectroscopy Division of CAEN Spa, representative Giacomo Mangiagalli talked to about the company and its nuclear material detection and identification solutions.

CAEN showcases nuclear material detection and identification solutions

"Hello everybody, I’m Giacomo Mangiagalli from CAEN SyS the spectroscopy division of CAEN S.p.A. and today we are guest of IRADETS our Turkey sales representative. I am the sales manager for the security product that we bring here for radiological and nuclear threats.

Today we are here with our Discoverer and our Sniper-GN. The Discoverer is a really high efficiency handheld system with a BGO detector. It can provide the dose rate, the count per second of gamma and neutron count rate and thanks to its high efficiency its able to detect identify in few second also really small sources. It’s a new feature, it’s a new product that we have with web interface, with night mode and with many available features that allow the use of the device on field in a really easy manner without putting any risk on the operator.

This other product is Sniper-GN. It is a backpack radiation system that provide to the end user the gamma and the neutron count rate. The user can put the device in the backpack and read the data from its tablet and the unique feature of this device is the capability to identify the neutron source, so we are able to identify special nuclear material in just one minute without gamma contribution. We can identify plutonium behind a lead shield or a moderator wall that reduce the neutron emission. We are still able to identify it in one minute.

Exactly they are for CBRN application – radiological and nuclear – They are NATO coded they have NATO stock number. It is currently used by the Italian Navy, and we are going to sell other units all over the world because the sale representative network of CAEN has sale manager in every country but since they are NATO coded it can be purchased by any NATO state member directly from NATO.

This one has, as I said, a web interface so in principle it can be deployed in a network of probes that can be connected to a central hub and can be monitored from the web interface from a central computer. This one has Wi-Fi, so as I said, it can be part of the network. Moreover, there are many devices, that we don’t have here unfortunately today, like the GAMON Platform which is a platform of device that can connect the data from every probe deployed on field. From drone probe to heigh efficiency vehicle probe that can be mounted on helicopters, and they are already NATO coded also."

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