Kale Kalıp showcases their latest rifles

KALE KALIP R&D Engineer talked to Defensehere.com about the KMG556L, KMG556, KMR762, KSR50 rifles developed by the company.

KMG556L Machine Gun

The engineer stated that KMG556L, is a belt fed 5.56mm machine gun. The gun has a telescoping stock and is suppressor ready. The gun is fully automatic with all the same capabilities as the KMG556 but is ligher and more mobile.

KMG556 Machine Gun

"This is our 5.56mm machine gun called KMG556. It is a belt fed fully automatic machine gun. It comes with thermal and night vision optic mounts requested by our Turkish Land Forces. It has a collapsing folding bipod. It has a self adjusting gas valve, fully ambidextrous weapon controls, an adjustable cheek piece, a telescoping buttstock and accepts any standard NATO belt boxes including 50, 100, and 200 round boxes." KALE KALIP R&D Engineer said.

KMR762 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle

"It is a rifle designed to be a semi-automatic sniper rifle; it is not a conversion from an infantry rifle. After testing with our forces, they came to us with few requests, which were telescoping stock, quick adjustable with fine adjustment. It also has a 45 and a 90 degree adjustable quick and fine adjustable monopod. It has an adjustable cheek piece that stays in place allowing any shooter to have the same sight position as required. Its fully ambidextrous with charging handle, magazine catch, bolt catch, and safety selector."

KSR50 Sniper Rifle

"This is our KSR50 sniper rifle, it fires a 50 BMG round. It is the same version of the rifle we delivered to our special forces except this one has carbon fibre barrel that we developed ourselves and a titanium muzzle break allowing it to be even lighter than the previous model. It shoots the same, it has the same lifetime and durability." According to the engineer the rifle which was showcased in the video had shot 2500 rounds and still grouped within 1 meter at 1500 meters.


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