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KEYVAN Aviation is an aviation support and service company, specially working to support its customers with innovative ideas, product and solutions related to flight operations and data analytics.

The company has a wide range of the services for aircraft avionics manufacturers, airline’s flight operation departments, flight planning systems, airports, flight simulators, developed by combining the experience, special training and know-how and digital innovation with the highest level of quality controls and checks.

Speaking to, KEYVAN Aviation CEO and Chairman Mehmet Keyvan talked about the company, its products and services:

"Our company started at early 2020 - Just before the COVID situation happened - With the aim of supporting the airline and aviation industry with better services in aeronautical database analysis as well as aero fashion and doing the consultancy services.

Nowadays we are working with some airlines, business jet operators in terms of their needs for consultancy and new establishment. As well as, we focus in our special product which is aeronautical navigation databases and we got out certification from European Union EASA. Now we are a certified company to provide navigation databases globally to the customer, which is on a different section but all they are serving in aviation industry.

Currently our company is running with 65 people. Our plan is that we increase our number of staff within this month up to 85. Because of the need of aeronautical processing, we need to increase our workforce and performance and the power of our analytic jobs.

For this reason we are working with universities, because of limitations in Turkey for this position we implement out training system inhouse and after getting the graduated students from the university we are planning to have high level training inside – inhouse – of our office and we train them to work with the aeronautical data at a professional level.

We have an R&D department. Our R&D department is looking at the new requirements of our customers and the new requirements of the aviation industry. We are adjusting ourselves with the new software, new implementation, new business models to get more customers and serve our existing customers better. So we are very hard working on the R&D phases with a dedicated team.

80 years ago a company in America started to establish the aeronautical chart and information. This comes up to today and only three companies were in the world – as you mentioned in Europe and America – that’s serving this data globally. Now Turkey become number four and a global player in this market to provide and do the aeronautical analytic jobs on the data and perform and finalize the data basis which meet the customer needs.

Who is the customer? This is a very important question. There is a certain level of the customer who can benefit from this data. The first one, they are type two data providers. Type two data providers are actually avionics manufacturers which produce the avionic system, flight management system of each aircraft. Doesn’t matter, it could be Boeing, Airbus, Embraer or a different model of the aircraft, each of them is equipped with a flight management computer.

And this flight management computer will handle the autopilot task. For autopilot task they need the data, like let’s say when we are driving on the street we need a GPS map to understand how we can go from point A to point B. So, this same happens in the air, the difference is that our data covers airways, airports, runways, procedures like SID star, approach and all of this is required to fly from Airport A to Airport B.

For this reason we are taking this information from the governments every 28 days. We are performing the analytic job on the data, the raw data that we are receiving, and we are changing the languages after the analytic job to the ARINC format, which is standard global format for this kind of data, and we deliver this data to the customer in format of the ARINC 424.

Avionic providers, FMS manufacturers, they will get this raw data from us, they change the languages, and they submit it to the end user which is airlines, helicopter operators and business jet operators for their usage in the cockpit of airplanes. These are the number one and important customers.

Number two customers are flight planning systems, which they are planning for the flights, and they are creating the route, customizing the route, [according to the] weather situation, fuel consumption, they are providing the best route for the for the airlines. This could be an inhouse airline policy or the third-party company, but they are another customer for us.

Electronic flight bag users, its another customer for this data because they will use this data on the application that install on their iPad or other devices they use as electronic flight bag.

And the last one – This data could be used in a military system as well because these also included with all restriction areas, all airways, all data in upper level and down level and prohibited area so everything is included and could be used for the purpose of drones, purpose of the military operations, do the planning for the military requirement and special activities. So, this is still usable for that area as well."

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