KoçSavunma's surface fire scoring, analysis solution: Weapon Scoring System

Developed by Koç Information and Defense Technologies (KoçSavunma), specializing in underwater electronics and acoustics, the Scoring System accurately identifies the precise points where ammunition impacts the water surface.

Underwater sensors on various buoys detect the sound generated when ammunition hits the water. This data, along with buoy position information, is then relayed to the measurement station. At the station, sensor data is analyzed to determine the exact impact point of the projectile, which is displayed to the operator.

Designed as a surface fire scoring and analysis solution, the Offshore & Inshore Weapon Scoring System offers enhanced flexibility and cost-effectiveness compared to other alternatives.

KoçSavunma remains committed to advancing the system through ongoing engineering efforts, aiming to achieve precise detection of projectile impact points not only for stationary but also for moving targets.

The system that can be adapted to different needs allows;

• Detection of bullet drop points in firing within a 1 km radius with 6 smart buoys

• Precise bullet drop point detection (CEP < 5 m)

• Ability to operate in sea state 0, 1 and 2

• Synchronous operation to GPS time

• Wireless communication between buoys and measuring station (via RF/GSM)

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