KONGSBERG to supply US Air Force with Joint Strike Missiles

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) has entered into an Undefinitized Contract Action (UCA) agreement with the United States Air Force (USAF) to supply Joint Strike Missiles (JSM) for their F-35A jets, the company said in a press release Monday.

The contract, valued at up to $141 million, will commence deliveries in 2026.

Eirik Lie, Head of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, said “the selection of JSMs by both the USAF and Royal Norwegian Air Force also fully supports NATO’s vision for interchangeability of equipment between allied nations.”

The JSM is an air-launched strike missile engineered to be compatible with internal weapons bays, enabling it to undertake intricate missions such as Anti-surface Warfare (ASuW) and land attacks.

Its main targets are usually heavily defended and valuable assets at sea, in coastal regions, or on land.

The JSM boasts capabilities for off-board, on-board, and in-flight mission planning, allowing it to engage targets according to pre-established Rules-of-Engagement.

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